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We are storytellers who explore the human condition, unleashing the emotion within to create powerful content.


Strong Island Films is an all service production company creating cinematic documentary/non-fiction reality programming with the elements of scripted television. We are dedicated to creating powerfully emotional content that weaves the challenges of humanity into the narrative. 

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We are passionate about giving a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves and we are thankful for those who have shared their stories with us.

What We Do

From launching new ground breaking series to consulting on international packaging, Strong Island Films provides expertise in development, pre-production, production and post.

How We Work

We can help develop and create your idea from inception to delivery. We own our own equipment and can provide filming including drone services.

From Concept to Creation



Our documentary feature is an emotional journey following 16 Georgetown University undergraduate students  over the course of a semester as they reinvestigate five wrongful conviction cases. As the students become  social justice warriors will their passion be enough to rattle the system and get an innocent person out of prison?

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